Outsmarting The Salad Server And Becoming a Slimmer You

How often have you been to the salad station at the luncheon brought home with someone on the other side ready to fill your bowl? I have many clients who are faced with this situation every day during their work week.

Fishermans Bowl

Here you are at the counter with a variety of vegetables, fruits, toppings, meat, chicken, eggs, bacon, olives, and so many choices. The server listens to your instructions about what to put in the bowl. Therefore you need to take command of the situation; that is your choice. Remember that their goal is to "fill a salad bowl" so that the price is more expensive. This has been a major "aha" moment for many of my clients, and together we have devised a plan that puts them in the driver's seat.

So first there is the choice of California crunch bowl size. Needless to say, the server is worried about charging the most money. Your attention must be portion control. If you choose to fill most of the bowl with vegetables, there will be less room to add. Chopped salad is currently the latest trend. Keep in mind that cutting salads reduces the amount of visuals and therefore you will naturally add more salad ingredients to increase the price. That is "filling the bowl" in an unhealthy way!

Instead of after vegetables, choose protein in portions as big as your fist. All other vegetables must add fiber, color, and of course crispy. Ignore non-vegetable items (croutons, crispy noodles, cuts of meat, etc.) and anything soaked in oil, except sardines, tuna or anchovies. Ask for salad dressing in separate containers that you control. If soup is available, it can be an option.