Items You Must Never Bring to a Hostel


When it comes to traveling, it is important to pack in a smart manner as there are a few items which needs to be kept home. This is because unnecessary items can be found lying around inside the dorms of the hostel. These are a few lists of items that must be left behind at home during your stay in a hostel.

  1. Traditional Calendar – A paper-made calendar is one of the first items on this list that needs to be left at home. Remember, modern hostels too have calendars allowing you to check the date with ease.
  2. Alarm Clock – Yes, alarm clocks are a handy item helping us to rise early or simply set one for an important event. However, the drawback of an alarm clock is the size and noise. When it comes to size, it takes space and while for noise, it is simply capable of disturbing travelers sleep.
  3. Wrong Attitude – Having the right kind of attitude is important in life while meeting new people and traveling the world. You need to appreciate whenever a traveler approaches to talk to you in the hostel. If you have the wrong attitude, then forget people trying to even say hello to you. Make sure you have a friendly attitude around other people.
  4. Expensive Items – When it comes to traveling, beginners make the mistake of bringing expensive items and then they lose them quite easily. During your stay in hostel, you need to be extra careful as an intruder may have caught his or her attention on the item you’ve brought over.

These are some of the items you should not bring to hostels in Thailand.