What to expect From Dental Implant Surgery?

The surgical procedure of setting up dental implants can be one of your best experiences. When you wake up from it, you will feel pain and discomfort, but you will ultimately correct the problems with your teeth and you will finally be able to smile proudly.

Dental implant surgery is necessary if you want to have artificial teeth implanted in the jaw that look just like natural teeth. If you live in Grande Prairie and you want to have dental implant surgery then you can have it from a certified dentist in Grande Prairie, Alberta or dental care centre near your location.

The procedure is often considered a better option than dentures or bridging because it is less painful and less problematic in the long run. During this procedure, your dentist will tell you what to expect from the beginning. The type of surgery or the measures taken will ultimately depend on your needs. In some cases, only one tooth may be needed, while in other procedures it is a full mouth.

In all situations, there are steps that involve several real steps. The condition of your jaw, the location of the site and the general preferences of the surgeon will play a role in this process.

You can expect the whole process to take from three to nine months. Sometimes it can be longer. It takes a long time to wait for bones to develop and healing to occur between each stage of the process. The first step is to implant the cylinder into the jawbone and wait for it to heal. Then the abutment is put in place. Finally, once all this basic work is finished, the next step is to insert the artificial tooth. This tooth is called a crown or prosthesis.