Facilities Offered by Hotels in Al Madina

Mostly, lodging is divided into three separate categories: full service, limited service, and extended stay. Different places will offer different hotel facilities and it's always good to know what to expect to get the best for your dollar.

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Al Morafik

The extended stay is exactly like that, a place where a person can stay for a long time and get a very reasonable rate. They offer limited facilities that are very useful for people who move and do not have a place to live in. Mostly, you will get a clean room and very few others.

With lower prices, very little is expected in terms of services received. They will usually offer to housekeep once a week with the option to pay for it if desired more often. Although there may be a swimming pool, that is very unlikely, they will offer laundry facilities on property for their guests.

Limited services have changed a little over the years and they offer more value than now. This is a very profitable niche in the hospitality industry and while owners want to stay that way, they now offer services they have never done before in an effort to make cheap-minded travelers switch from full service to limited services.

Many small things will be served on limited services, such as housekeeping, and some properties will offer a free continental or hot breakfast for their guests. There may be restaurants on the property, but it might be more of a cafe style meal. Although the pool is sometimes available, it is usually an exception and not a rule.