Choosing Wedding Shoes That Complement Your Gown

A traditional wedding dress calls for classic dyeable wedding footwear for the formal style of dress. Depending on the season, there is a wide range of pumps and sandals are available in a variety of heel heights.

When choosing shoes, taking into account the material and color of your dress were also cut. How do you dress decorated also be considered? Your shoes should match the color and sheen of the dress you are very close, if not exact.



For a very traditional wedding dress, the pump is a classic "can not miss" clean shoes and crackers will complement the style of dress. To dress made of satin or substances with the same sheen, dyeable closed toe high heel pump is an elegant choice.

Women want a classic dyeable shoe with good heel size can check satin peep toe high heels. Featuring two straps that crisscross in the form of "x" on the front face and cut off to the side, this is a classic yet stylish shoe.


The weather was warm bride has a wide selection of elegant sandals that look great with a classic tailored dress. The Stephie is simple satin sandals with heel straps asymmetrical and 2 ½ inches. The Stephie in white color, but can be dyed any color. It is available in sizes 5 to 10, and 11 and 12.